Partnering In Your Wellness Journey

Partnering In Your Wellness Journey

Heather Soucey, NP

Get peace of mind knowing someone in the Medical Field is there for you.


When you need an appointment but can't get in, or need a quick prescription but don't have sick time to take off work unless it's an emergency. Heather Soucey, AGPCNP-BC is here for you as your health care concierge. She is putting the "CARE" back in Healthcare.

$60 down for initial paperwork and $60 monthly


  • Heather Soucey, AGPCNP-BC
  • Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
  • Board Certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center
  • Certified Practitioner by the Institute for Functional Medicine
  • Member of the American Nurses Association
  • Member of the Oregon Nurse Association
  • Member of the Nurse Practitioners of Oregon
  • Member of the Institute for Functional Medicine


  • Uncomplicated Disease Management
  • Uncomplicated Medication Management
  • Simple Assessments
  • Patient Education
  • Limited Patient Self-management Coaching
  • Limited Prescription Refill
  • Nutritional Counseling including Labs, Evaluation, and Plan
  • Functional Medicine Case review, Consultation, Labs, and Plan


  • For your first visit you will need:
  • New Patient Paperwork
  • Driver's License
  • Medication List
  • Copies of medical records you have at home
  • We will request all medical records from your doctors
  • Phone, laptop or Iphone for skype
  • Changes in your health
  • Changes in your medication
  • List of any Vitamins and Supplements


Geriatric Consultations

Need help figuring out your medication, should you continue to take them, should you live in assisted living or get a caregiver?

Senior Advocate

Need someone to call a hospital or nursing home for your loved one and check up on their health that speaks the healthcare system's language? Add me to the "OK to Speak to" list for your loved one. I can help you figure things out.

Detoxification Protocols

Lets do a 7 day detox. Join the free group meeting for more information. Every 1st Monday of the month. Detox starts the following Saturday You can do this!

Natural Health Options

Why so many prescription medications? Go Natural! I will evaluate your medication list and make suggestions.

Anti-Aging Strategies

Look great and feel great, body, mind and spirit. Be ageless...

Nursing Career Consultation

Frustrated? I have been in the trenches! I have 30 years in the field of nursing from hospital to faculty. 5 years as an Adult-Geriatric NP critical access area in Oregon, Florida, and now traveling NP in California. I have worked every unit in the hospital except ICU. Experienced with Public Health, Home Care, and Hospice.

Nursing Student Tutoring

Worried you're not going to make it? I have taught 10 years in the School of Nursing Traditional BSN programs, fast tract programs, clinical, lecture, lab,and Master Degree clinical courses. I know what faculty are looking for, just ask!

HealthCare Concierge, LLC does NOT offer replacement for your:

  • Primary Care Physician
  • Annual physical exam and labs with your MD
  • Specialist
  • Gynecological or Obstetrics
  • Diabetic Educator
  • Insulin titration
  • Pain management
  • Complex disease management
  • Long term lab monitoring
  • Psychiatric management
  • Emergency Evaluation
  • Urgent Care

Any consult performed by HealthCare Concierge, LLC does not replace face-to-face with your primary provider. The findings of our evaluation can be submitted to you via a secure folder or email with written consistent when the report is complete allowing five business days.

Healthcare Forms

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